Day Two could have been a whole lot worse. A couple of rules: 1)
there’s no reason to go to Nuevo Laredo or Laredo as an assignment. 2)
check the air in your spare tire. We were 15 miles outside of Austin.
Kyle, TX to be specific. A little Unleaded at $1.98/gallon, and pulling
out on to the highway for the final stretch, when…
The tire must have exploded. Those f***ers at the Jeep dealer in the
DF. luckily, there was another exit, so we pulled in and commiserated
with three guys who also had a flat. At least they had an auto club
membership (oops). An hour later, we’re off on the spare tire, which
doesn’t even make it out of the freakin’ parking lot before going flat.
So we call a wrecker and wait.

Happily, this gave rise to a
photo series at the Diamond Shamrock 24 Hr. plaza, as well as half off
on chicken fingers that had been sitting out for 6 hours. The folks
were nice there, and seemed impressed by Laure’s French, and my
willingness to eat the petrified chicken strips.


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