STERLING, CO – 100 miles from Denver does not seem to be the middle of
nowhere. But from the price tag at the Best Western Sundowner – $79 w/
govt. discount – you would assume that you were actually in the Denver
suburbs. In reality, however, Sterling is a place that is really dark
at night, indicating a lack of activity or an abundance of trusting
folks who don’t need streetlights or door lights or any other kind of
light. It’s quite pleasant if you can get used to being in darkness,
and there was a cool old moviehouse playing stupidly modern movies.

Village Inn (“Anytime is a good time for dessert!”) is pretty much a
pared down Denny’s, minus the annoyingly labelled combo
platters.Happily, the Village Inn was open late on a Sunday, and as
I’ve eaten enough fast food to kick my cravings for another 738 miles,
it had a complete, albeit generally unhealthy, dinner menu. Which
brings me to the subject: Chicken Fried Steak
This is the 2nd time I’ve eaten it on this trip, and for some reason it
is awfully addicting, though I feel like ass while eating it. Tonight’s
gravy differed from the previous CFS in that it had paprika sprinkled
on it.

Long journey tomorrow. Going to try to make it to
Chicago. Meanwhile, I did think that the scenery was pretty interesting
on today’s drive.

My God…I just realized…Everwood is in
Colorado! No wonder this place seemed oddly familiar. Note to self:
never move to Everwood or any other small town in Colorado.



  1. I’m writing the following in Spanish, wittiness flows easily this way.
    Hoy va a ser mi primera noche con el resto de la banda, (lease Kendra y Deirdre) despues de tu partida.
    Desafortunadamente el sitio escogido fue el Pata Negra, la version alcoholizada del Metro en hora pico (rush hour.) Con Kendra acordamos en tomar nuestras precauciones: zapatos comodos, sin chamarras, sin bolsas y renunciar de antemano al minimo espacio vital.


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