Amarillo, TX – Day 5

Jesus, it’s a long drive through Texas. Ever notice how there is never a road that goes directly to where you want it to go? There simply is no easy rout to get from Austin to Santa Fe, NM. But! Along the way I happened to see a sign for the Bushy Creek Vinyards. Intrigued enough to do a U-turn, I stopped by. A simple affair, all said and done. This was the main building. Suddenly I found myself with a nice, but slightly vapid couple tasting the products. Mostly sweet table wines for after dinner. Apparently, most Texans seem to like wine that edges toward grape juice in flavor. Happily, the owner took us down to explain how the grog was mad, see the vats, talk chemistry, and sample more batches of wine. Enough to make me realize that wine-making, while supremely cool in the abstract, is much like everything else. Hard work. Plus, you have to know a fair bit about chemistry, which brought up long-buried memories of freshman chem 101 at 8:15am (+ lab two hours per week), and getting a C because I tended to value sleep over Ferrous Oxide reacting with an acid titrate. Though I did like saying “titrate” over and over. No one told me that you didn’t HAVE to take chemistry in college.

Anyway, I now own two bottles of Brush Creek’s Autumn Mist, and count myself a patron of the burgeoning Texas wine scene.

Finally, I arrived on the outskirts of Amarillo. Just one of many U.S. locations with Spanish names pronounced improperly. What would happen if everyone in Texas pronounced their proper nouns properly? A proper revolution, that’s what.

Holiday Inn. Priority Club. Bonus miles.


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