Home Buying – Lesson I

“Don’t worry, you can just owe me.”

It’s been over a month since I talked to the SDFCU and found out that they had approved my loan.  They were supposed to send me a copy of the pre-approval letter.  It hasn’t shown up even though I’ve spoken to them twice about it.  They’re history.  Of course, they are also my bank, which is disturbing.  And they charged me $100 for the pre-approval.  Might be time for a letter and a phone call.

I instead called Wells Fargo on the recommendation of my realtor.  Quick and easy, and pleasant to talk to.  Even gave me more than I asked for, and I had a copy of the pre-approval letter in my inbox in one day.  Amazing.  Once I get to DC, I think it’s worth stopping by their offices just to get a layout of the types of loans available and options for paying the downpayment. 

This has been a good reminder to check my credit report at least every year.  You never know what’s on that thing.


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