Io Sono Arrivato

So, yeah, I'm here. I knew I should have forced myself to write about the journey as it was happening, but somehow I managed to pass nearly 11 hours in Heathrow Airport without doing a single constructive thing. I checked email. I slept on a leather loveseat. I held back from buying useless items found at airports because they were in British pounds. I snacked on business class lounge goodies. God, how depressing.

First, though, I should mention that Dulles airport is in need of some serious work. Upgrade now! It's only slighly less unpleasant departing Dulles than arriving, because at least you know you're leaving the place.

I was in business class on the flight from DC to London, but in the middle seat. That surprised me — since when did business class have a middle seat? Isn't the point to avoid middle seats altogether? Are we now just paying more for a printed menu, choice of annoying movies, and seats that recline only 3/4 of the way? Apparently so.


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