Is education the difference between being able to hold your head up high and having no self-respect? In Pakistan, and India, and pretty much every country with significant numbers of poor, uneducated people, you find a sense of deference that sickens me. What's worse, I took advantage of it the other day. Continue reading →


GovDel Perry

American visitors to a foreign country can be a dangerous thing. When those visitors are somewhat high-ranking officials, extra caution is required. Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) and party landed in Islamabad this afternoon. Perry was accompanied by Governors Mike Huckabee (R-Arkansas), Jim Doyle (D-Wisconsin) and Dave Freudenthal (D-Wyoming) The composition of the group begged the question of what the relationship was between the men. Answer: no one here knows. Continue reading →

Battal Dab

The second trip to the EQ zone was to the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). This time I boarded a UN shuttle flight. Helicopters are fast becoming a fun way to travel for me. Somehow they seem less prone to accident, though the opposite is in fact true. This UN helo was a Ukrainian bird, piloted by two Ukrainians.IMG_1457.JPG One had a habit of smoking precariously close to the fuel tanks of the chopper, and the other smiled beneath his mustache and greeted us at each destination. "Welcome to Abbottabad. We will be here 10 minutes," he would say cheerfully as he exited the cockpit.

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