Hare Ram!

Ben Kingsley was just having dinner in the Mariott's Nadia restaurant. Wonder what he's doing here in the 'Bad.

UPDATE: Ben was shilling on behalf of an earthquake relief NGO apparently.


When Bubba Comes to Town

Let me say first off that I love Bubba. He's a good guy. He was a good guy when he came to La Romana and stayed at the house of Julio Iglesias with a number of women, none of whom were Hillary. And he was a good guy in Pakistan this time around. The best part about him (officially) was the comments he made about the continuing cartoon controversy. The best part (unofficially) was that he stuck around at the airport for 15 minutes taking photos with everyone under the sun, and grabbed the control officer for a solo photo. It's great that some things never change, and that Bubba still has it. Continue reading →