Totalmente Padre

The title for this entry came from a comment I made in an email to a friend in Mexico. He apparently liked the phrase, so now that I have validation for my poor Chilangolandia-speak, I feel fine about using it. For those not in the know, “padre” means “father,” but is also Mexican slang for “cool, hip, neat.”  And thanks to Rosina for pointing me to the link for a great DF magazine that will keep any would-be user of Mexican Spanish up to date.

Which brings us to an announcement of change. Rashid the Political Officer is no longer in Pakistan. His work there is done. Too bad, but no more Is’bad. Rashid is going to be a dad for the first time (though he’ll always be your Daddy, just like Shaq). But the blog won’t change. Rashid is still an FSO…for now. So I guess I can start utilizing the category feature of this blog, and move into the hitherto unexplored realm of parenthood, two hour naps, and stunningly cute phrases like “the kid did what????” It’s pretty exciting really, and if I’m nervous, my political officer training won’t let it show. I did pick out an Osh-Kosh B’gosh onesie the other day with a semi-abstract cartoon giraffe on it. The other choices were hippo, crocodile, or flamingo.



  1. Rosk,
    Que pasa con Luis Miquel? Oi que esta en un carcel en Colorado porque no tenia una visa de trabajo. Que burro es. Ni modo, ojala que sale antes que sus conciertos en el auditorio nacional en Deciembre. Me fascinan.


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