Delicious Library

I’ve spent many of the late-night hours this week using a new program called Delicious Library. With it, I scan the bar codes of my books and cds and they are logged and filed, even as the program links to and other sites for details and reviews. So now I have my own electronic catalog of items that I own and it can keep track of who borrows what, etc. Many of the books that I have in mass market paperback format don’t automatically appear when I scan them. So I have to enter the ISBN number by hand. In these cases, the program will usually recognize the book, but not be able to locate the exact cover artwork.

Another interesting feature is that it shows you the original price of the book and its current value. Most books are worth between one and fifty cents. That’s amazing to me on one level, but I like it. The only reason I keep books is because they are somehow personal to me once I buy them. All the better that they’re not worth much to the rest of the world.

Scanning books with my iSight webcam started out as a lot of fun. Then it began to feel like I was bagging groceries at the supermarket. Bar codes make life easier. I keep pointing the camera at me hoping that I somehow register.


One Comment

  1. One question on the software. Does it assign subject headings? I saw the site, and apparently it doesn’t. But then again, if it doesn’t, here is a good opportunity to invent new ones.

    And, sorry, you have a typo, is not IS D N, but, IS BN which stands for:

    International Standard Book Number

    Thanks for the info on the software. Given that The Husband has a Mac we will be able to download it.


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