“Five Generations Serving Calcutta”

Flury’s is a decent spot for a casual Sunday breakfast.  The service, however, is horrendous, not for a lack of waiters but for a lack of motivation.  It makes you want to open your own diner and force them to actually compete with you.  I bet the service would improve quite quickly.  I’ve never been somewhere where the waiters couldn’t find enough menus.   The highlight of Flury’s is it’s pastry section.  Actually quite tasty chocolate and almond croissants, and some things that I’ll never try because I’m not into baked delicacies.  And like any establishment in Calcutta that offers above-average food and a prime location in the heart of the society, Flury’s is a center where expats congregate.  We met a nice couple from N. Ireland, who had an 11 month old, and were planning on moving to Calcutta by the end of the year (poor things, they have to find their own housing).  We quickly gathered that we knew some of the same people — the Brits at the High Commission.  Does everyone know that they have a pub inside? Continue reading →


As anyone who was educated in the field of English literature can testify, you can’t escape the Badass Bard, Will the Man, or “Shakey” as he was known.  And you shouldn’t try to escape the Shakespeare Insulter.

The Tail End of the British Raj

As we’ve had a number of visitors in the 2 weeks that I’ve been in Cali (Bangla E. Coast where you at?!!) I’ve been able to peruse guest lists for events we’ve thrown and been thrown into.  The other day I came across the name of Dr. Sugata Bose.  A common surname in this part of India, sure enough, but also the name of my professor for Modern South Asian History at Tufts.  So one of the staff called him up and I went to meet with him for an hour at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Research Bureau. Continue reading →