UPDATE:  The U.S. Consulate has requested the USG to officially change “Calcutta” to “Kolkata” for U.S. Consulate-related matters.  Seems that many people in many places couldn’t handle the “confusion.”  Or maybe the system couldn’t handle it.  Conformity, people!  I said conformity! 

There are many histories and legacies in a country such as India; in its cities and villages, and if you probe deeply enough, in its people.
Sometimes a place or a building looks better at night. In Calcutta it’s more accurate to say that many of the places and buildings look even better at night. The Writers’ Building has defined the northern side of Dalhousie Square in Calcutta since 1780, although it existed in various incarnations since 1690. Today, Dalhousie Square is officially Benoy, Badal, Dinesh Bagh. Chowringhee Road is Jhawarlal Nehru Road. The list goes on, and so I’ve learned to ask: what was the original name? Continue reading →


Going Global (the prequel)

Cleaning out the clutter deep thoughts on my laptop, I came across this draft of a blogpost which is related to my rant about globalization. Rant on…

Today we managed to get out of the house for the afternoon for a short trip to Crosswords, a bookstore somewhat akin to a small Borders books. Happily, there is a section devoted to Indian authors (in English). I found a copy of Amartya Sen’s The Argumentative Indian in paperback. Continue reading →

Do you know who I am?!!

If you haven’t already seen this piece on NYC’s most (in)famous party crasher, it’s a must read for sheer entertainment value.  I just wish he could have been a bit more normal, i.e., he does this kind of stuff only because it makes life entertaining, but that’s asking for a lot from someone who clearly has taken some blunt force trauma to the head. 

 Giddyup, Priyantha Silva!  See you in jail! 

Going Global

I haven’t read Joseph Steiglitz, and I’ve only meandered through portions of Thomas Friedman’s works, but if globalization means that you often find yourself in a place that could be anycityanywhere, it isn’t worth it. Even if you’re having a good time. This past Saturday I was in New Delhi, which is certainly not anycityanywhere, but more like governmentcitykindaboring. Continue reading →

Your Home Country

I’ve been loathe to write this post until I’ve had sufficient time in India, and I won’t do it justice without much more thought, but I wanted to at least begin writing about it.  One of the things I wondered prior to arriving in India was how I would be received as an Indian-American.  Increasingly, even if I ignore my heritage, it’s obvious that others place a fair amount of emphasis and meaning on it. Continue reading →