Every Little Thing…

This I will wait for. The Police have announced a world tour to mark their 30 year anniversary. God, has it been 30 years? There are two bands that I wish I had seen play live: The Clash (which will never happen now that Joe Strummer died a few years back) and The Police. Of the two, The Police had the more lasting effect on my adolescent life, which is not to say that their music was better or more influential, but it was hard to imagine wanting to be Mick Jones with those hideaciously awful teeth.I know, I know, Sting has an uncanny capacity for bringing out a most visceral revulsion in people, too usually because they’ll say he’s too arrogant, but the truth is that’s why we like rock stars .  We like the fact that they’ll stand in front of an audience as if no one else mattered. Most of us wouldn’t have the guts at the end of the day. And I don’t mind if Sting comes across as pompous, at least the man had something to say once before the Yamamamo, tantric sex, and Jaguar ads did their collective number on his reputation.

Of course, managing to see The Police is going to involve some luck.  The tour starts in Vancouver, and doesn’t include DC so far.  So much for catching them on R&R.  But one of the great bits from The Police Around the World Video (yes, video.  Not dvd) was the segment filmed in Bangalore.  Or was it Bombay?  Regardless, I can still that brother in the front row, shaking his hands next to his ears in epileptic frenzy.  It can happen again.



  1. Sting was here in Basel to present his newest album. One in which he presents some songs from an English Renaissance author. He even learned to play the Laud. I saw it on TV, though.
    If The POlice comes to Switzerland (probably Zurich) you’re more than welcome to stay with us.


  2. They were really good on the Grammys. Not sure about Sting’s sleeveless shirt but rest was pretty spiffy. “Tea in the Sahara” is one of the coolest songs EVER.


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