Expectation. Judgment. Involvement.

For someone schooled in the self-confident West, it’s generally been hard to get my mind around meditation and yoga.  While I still claim cheerily and smugly to friends that, “It’s an Eastern thing, you wouldn’t understand,” I’ve got to admit to being slightly confounded by the three principles that my teacher mentioned as the way to mental peace.

  • Expectation: Don’t expect too much from the world, because you can’t control it.
  • Judgment: Do not judge the world because you cannot say what is right and wrong with authority.
  • Involvement: Do not involve yourself too much in the world.  Remain somewhat detached.

I’m confounded in the sense that this way of thinking is a departure from the supreme faith in oneself that marks my belief in individual responsibility and  in infinite possibility.

Things to not think about more deeply.


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