Two = Big Head, Big Heart

It may be good parenting, or good nannying, or some higher power better left unquestioned, but Q’ool has turned two without becoming a raving, tantrum throwing kid. His birthday was last week, and if you didn’t get the invitation, here’s your chance to at least see the birthday-flyer. Q’ool was quite pleased with his bounty, which arrived in waves over a span of 4 days or so:

  • A wooden train set (the Yukon express)
  • Three books (The Birthday Party, Choo-Choo, and a homemade photo album)
  • Two t-shirts (“E=MC2” and “Chicks Dig Me”)
  • A yellow truck-wagon
  • Mr. Potato Head

More importantly, I think he’s learning to share with Little Fabulus.



  1. what’s with the “no gift please” mode? Here the Expat crowd asks for the same. Although you missed the “please donate the money to X charity.”
    I won’t, the Swiss have been sooooo cheap that I will actually print: “Gift is a must, don’t show if not bringing one.”


  2. I wonder if we have kids wear the slogans we want to wear? The No Gifts rule is to prevent receiving expensive, inane, or less than useful gifts — the boys have too many toys already and why get drawn into a spiral of gift giving/receiving? I understand the etiquette aspect and appreciate the sentiment, but really, it’s okay if they’re limited to meaningful, useful presents just occasionally.


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