A Better Snooze Button

I woke up briefly this morning with the Railway Children’s A Pleasure in my head (this is what happens when you go to the Field Day festival the day before?).  And one Sunday morning pleasure — to fill the gap left by the unavailbility of CBS’ Sunday Morning here — is streaming NPR on the laptop and falling back to sleep.


One Comment

  1. I had a great time, despite the questionable weather. For me skream on the main stage was a definite highlight, I was really near the front and the whole crowd were really loving it. Also enjoyed little boots and indeed the fairground ride (before the cider drinking began!) – However, the prices, not very pleasing for the those of a thrifty nature (myself included, and considering the large student population i doubt we were alone) – you might be interested in a competition to win a case of magners pear cider/mini-fridge full of magners. You need to become a fan of the Magners facebook fan page http://bit.ly/MagnersUK – Winners are selected on Thursday – winners will be drawn every week (must be over 18 and UK based!)


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