An Excerpt on Father’s Day

…Freedom, for my father, meant solitude and I think it is safe to say, loneliness. The freer and more independent he became, the more it sunk in that he was isolated from his family and to a certain extent, from life.  There would be no rock, no foundation, to return to, and so, like others before him with that double-edged luxury, he began to travel. Continue reading →


My barbaric yawp

Although Nathaniel Rateliff has left his former band The Wheel behind, he hasn’t lost his capacity for singing outwardly about the inner.  A wonderful new album, In Memory of Loss, is out now and I was lucky enough to catch him at a Brooklyn venue with about 30 others.  The first time I heard the Whitman-esque yawp at that ends this song, I felt as if I was listening somehow to a Native American voice expressing what words can never say.  Extraordinary.  For another version, accompanied by bassist Julie Davis, go here.