New Tech, Old Diplomacy

Some people like to talk about generational shifts — changes that occur that clearly mark a division between one generation and the next.  I’d argue that the Internet and the continuing stream of related technologies it produces, is one of the biggest generational shifts in recent memory.  No big news there, but what does it mean for someone like me, whose computer experience during my formative years was Dark Castle on a Macintosh SE, Frogger, and a friend named Rob Walsh who understood the intricacies of an IBM PS/2.  I typed my U.S. History term paper my senior year in high school on an electronic typewriter for god’s sake (and RIP forever to all typewriter correction ribbons). Continue reading →


Three Words:

Simply saying the words “social bookmarking” gives me pause, but I’ve decided to give it a try.  You’ll now notice a new category called “My Days”, which will contain links to articles  based on the bookmarking site.  Apparently, it’s all about tagging.   This is for items that might not merit their own posting — though the Townhouse merits construction, that’s for sure.   One thing though:  wouldn’t you rather split up “delicious’ as de.lic.ious? 

One Bookish People

I’m not usually one for advocating those sort of lists that come across as reminiscent of pre-teen methods of finding out information about your friends that you could probably gain just by asking them, and I am not really sure that such things qualify as memes per se, but my love of books and reading tends to trump most challenges, intellectual or inane.  So here’s one I found that was called a “bookworm meme”: Continue reading →