Calcutta Dining. It’s Chilli.

I appear to have made an unconscious decision to sear a hole through my gastrointestinal tract.  Or so it seems when I think of Calcutta and my favorite meals.  I don’t want to offend, but I’ve never been a fish favorer, and though Bengali cooking is pleasant enough, it doesn’t hold a candle to Andhra’s repertoire of dishes, particularly when it comes to spicy intensity.  I long ago killed my taste buds and chances of recognizing subtle hints of thyme in a chicken breast, or that twig of rosemary in lamb, and I’ll thus forever be a fan of big flavors.  So in no particular order, some of my regular, perhaps dull fare.  Note: I get plenty of dal makhni, luchis, aloo dum, and mishti at work functions, so please don’t scream “You’re missing out on Indian food you dumb-ass FSOwalla! Continue reading →