Tell him JB sent you!

Something that isn’t mentioned around the holidays as much as shopping for bargains and end-of-year “best of” lists is that you run into strange conversations with relatives during Xmas. Ours began when a cousin of mine who despises George Bush said that she’d prefer a white person to be President of this here US of A rather than a person of any other color. This apparently included me, when I asked, kind of horrified and certainly puzzled. The discussion of course then meandered to race, colonialism, illogic, and head shaking, and ended, like most holiday conversations should — in laughter.

But enough. Xmas is a day to celebrate and I’d like to celebrate one death in particular: the passing of not the alleged son of God, but of the Godfather of Soul, who died for sure on December 25, 2006. And what better way to celebrate and tie back in to the strange discussion than to listen to a classic Xmas choon that beats the little Drummer Boy by a good foot. On Boxnet, Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto.

Happy Holidays. Enjoy the snow.